George Washington was here

One of my 8 great-great-grand-
mothers was Virginia Marials
Washington, seen here 
(1832 to 1858), and I'd always
heard she was our link to the
George Washington family.

Sure enough, she is. Her father was Lund Washington Jr. (1793-1849), whose father was Lund Washington Sr. (1767-1853).

Lund Sr.'s father was Robert Washington (1729-1798), my 5-great-grandfather who was a third cousin of The George Washington (1732-1799). The president even left Robert two "gold-headed canes" in his Last Will and Testament.

Robert's brother, also named Lund (1737-1796), managed Mount Vernon while his cousin was president. The easiest way to keep all those Lunds straight is that this Lund married Elizabeth Foote, while my Lund Sr. married Susanna Monore Grayson (1768-1822), and Lund Jr. married Sarah Biggs (born in Philadelphia, Pa.) on June 11, 1819.

The way the genealogy plays out in the simplest form is that my 9-great-grandfather, Rev. Laurence Washington, 1602-1652 (whose wife was Amphillis Twigden), is also George Washington's great-great-grandfather.

President Washington didn't have any direct descendants, but the link to his family appears certain. Lund (the uncle of my 5-great-grandfather) was obviously quite the confidante of George. His name crops up time and time again in the official George Washington Papers ( The two corresponded quite frequently. Click here for one example.

Illustrating how you have to take what you find on the Internet with a grain of salt, I've read that Virginia married Alfred Wells and that she also died without marrying. However, I've seen the original Wells family Bible four-page insert that shows Virginia actually married my great-great-grandfather Benjamin Franklin Wells on the 15th day of December 1849 in Washington City.

There will be more about Virginia and the other Washingtons later. I've traced our Washingtons back to 17-great-grandfather John Washington, born about 1387, who was married to Joan de Croft.   CONTINUED >