'Pop" the Builder

    I wrote a story for the Big Spring Herald in 1975 about Bascom Andrew ("Pop") Reagan was a very important person in the history of the town. 
    He shares recollections about his father and a whole lot more.
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More Stories

Ol' George

Because of Virginia Marials Washington, 
(1832 to 1858), the link to George Washington's great-great-grandfather is verified. 

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The Murder of Brack Mitchell

    If you have a Reagan and a Mitchell for  grandparents, you've probably heard this  story. As a deputy sheriff,

 he died in the line of duty.

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     WAR's War

   Great-grandfather William Andrew Reagan, also known as Wylie or War, fought in the Civil War. 

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     Davy, Davy Crockett ...

   No, the hero of the Alamo is not an ancestor, but his relationship with one of my ancestor's is interesting. 

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