(A) - Martin E. (Edward?) Reagan, age 28 ... William Andrew's son by his first marriage to Nancy Dye. That's his wife, Maggie Mann Reagan, age 26, behind him, with their son, Henry Edward Reagan, age 7, and daughter, Nancy Ernest Reagan, age 6. Martin was born in Coleman County in 1867. He was a pump operator at the spring in Big Spring, Texas, until his death in a train wreck in 1901. According to Bascom's recollection, a Texas & Pacific engine turned over on him. Bascom was in three train wrecks himself before he was 21. (Martin was Bascom's half-brother). Martin and Maggie had lost a child, Willie B. Reagan, age 3, the year the picture was taken. Maggie was also pregnant with Dora Reagan (1895-1954) at the time of the photo. (B) -- William Andrew Reagan, age 50 ... his second wife Emily Eugenia Wells Talbot Reagan is to his immediate left. They only had one child, Bascom. (C) -- Bascom Andrew Reagan, age 9 ... Bascom's half-brother Clifton Earl Talbot is in the background, right above his mother's head. (Walter Mann is the other person in the background ... probably Maggie's brother). (D) -- Zerelda Reagan, age 21 ... Willliam Andrew's daughter by his first marriage to Nancy Dye. Zerelda's husband Thomas Henry Kelly (1867-1933) is right behind her. "Tom" is holding Andrew Dennis Kelly, 3, while Zerelda props up Afra Rosalie Kelly, almost 2, and holds Thomas Martin Kelly (1895-1950) in her lap. Zerelda is "California Cousin" Kathy Eddinger's great-grandmother via the Afra Rosalie line.

1895 Reagan Family Reunion held in        Big Spring, Texas

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