Having checked roll after roll of microfilm, I now know that census takers were not always accurate, didn't care that much about correct spelling, and more often than not they used initials and had terrible penmanship.

    However, the 1860 entry was a breakthrough ... finally verifying that my great-great-grandfather's name was NOT Andrew. However, there are still some questions to answer: Where was John in the 1850 census? Did the two girls from the 1850 census die? E.P. Ragan was Eliza P. Cockrell, James' second wife. Did James C. lie about his age in 1860 because at age 40 he married a woman aged 24?

    The next step is to check the tax rolls of Navarro County of 1860 to gain more information. Also, Johnnie Ellen confirmed that James died in 1870 in Navarro County, so checking death certificates would be helpful. Probably a trip to Corsicana, the county seat of Navarro, is in order.

    CLICK HERE for a verbatim list of all the Reagan census entries mentioned above.