John Henninger Reagan (1818–1905)


    This is probably the most famous Reagan in Texas history. He was born in Tennessee,

Oct. 18, 1818. He came to Texas in 1839, became a district judge and eventually the

Postmaster General of theConfederate States of America. Reagan County, Texas, is

NOT named after him, however.

    Bascom "Pop" Reagan had mentioned that JohnHenninger Reagan was a distant

cousin of the family ... meaning James C. Reagan and John supposedly had the same

Reagan male in their line somewhere. John Henninger Reagan's grandfather was named

Richard Reagan (my uncle's name, by the way), and he was part of the huge Reagan clan

in Sevier County, Tennessee (see for hundreds of Reagan family trees).

There was a letter from a James Reagan to John Henninger's son that has offered a clue to that connection

    Richard Reagan, had several children ... three of whom are just listed as "Reagan" on the family tree. Don't know if that means they died at childbirth or there is nothing known about them. But on Richard Reagan's web page from, it says: "Most sources say that Richard and Julia Ann Reagan had three sons and four daughters - it is possible there were others. One is thought to have been a son, Aaron Reagan, and a daughter named Barbara who died as a young girl. The other two daughters are unknown."

    So far, the investigation points to this Richard Reagan as kinfolk somehow, but the father of James C. (Wylie's father) is William Henry Reagan. Also, see Richard Reagan's family tree.

    John Henninger has come up a lot in my research. He practiced law in 1842 in Anderson County, Texas, where William Andrew Reagan was supposedly born. J.H. married Mrs. Martha Music on April 19, 1844, in Nacogdoches County, Texas, just 50 miles east of Anderson.

    At any rate, John Henninger Reagan is a good point in history to center research around his alleged cousin and relatives of my great-great-grandfather, James C. Reagan.

    A couple of good John H. links: The Kaufman County TxGenWeb page and The Handbook of Texas Online.