• Outdoor drone footage unavailable on rainy days.
  • Outdoor drone footage unavailable in extreme windy conditions (usually in excess of 15 mph, depending upon gusts).
  • Some windy conditions may
    allow for low-level drone
    footage outdoors and
    hand-held footage indoors.
  • No flights above 400 feet in
    accordance with FAA rules
    and regulations.
  • Projects (and consultations) outside of Abilene include a mileage rate of 40 cents a mile (round-trip)
  • Date reservatons are $75. That amount is counted toward total cost, but non-refundable if project canceled.
  • Prices can vary depending if client requirements or requests are atypical.

  • Special Occasion Photos and Video
  • Aerial Safety Inspections
  • Outdoor Weddings
  • Map Inacessible Terrain, Locations
  • High-End Real Estate Marketing
  • Golf Course Layouts
  • Bread & Breakfast Marketing
  • Commercial Property Listings
  • Outdoor Birthday Parties
  • Ranch herd census
  •  Agricultural Field Surveys
  • Family or Class Reunions
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Construction Inventory, Surveys
  • Supplement News Coverage
  • Oil Field Inspections

Notes & Considerations

Uses For Drones