Mayo Hanson Wells was born August 24th, 1875.

Virginia Maria died December 1851 in Palestine.

Frances Henderson died in Palestine the 11th of March 1852.

Franklin Grayson died in Palestine on Friday the 8th of August (at 1 o'clock a.m.) 1856.

Cora Alice died in Falls Co. August 28th, 1867, at about 10 o'clock a.m. (Wednesday)

Franklin Stockton Wells died in Stephensville, Oct. 15, 1873

B.F. Wells died in Stephensville, Oct. 25, 1878

 Interesting to Note from this sheet:

     It was a rough life in the mid 1800s.

    Also, I have the wrong birth date for our great-great-grandfather B.F. Wells.
    He and Virginia Marials Washington were married on Dec. 15, 1849, so he couldn't have been born in 1840.
     Virginia was 17 at the time and only lived to be 25. She gave birth to 6 children before she died, though. Four of the six died at the ages of 15 months, two weeks, 9 months and stillborn. She is our family's link back to George Washington.
     Lucky for us, Emily Eugenia (the last born before Virginia died), who carried on the Reagan line by marrying William (Wylie) Andrew Reagan ("War" was his nickname) and giving birth to "Pop" was the exception ... living to the ripe old age of 94, dying three years after I was born.
    Also, B.F. married again. His second wife, Nancy, gave him five children, two of whom died at the ages of 9 months and 9 years.
    And, Stephenville obvious was called Stephensville at one point, kinda like Big Spring and Big Springs, I guess.
    All that according to a sheet in a family Bible.