In a Nutshell

  Are you one of the more than 400 direct descendants of my great-grandfather, William Andrew Reagan

  If you're looking for twigs along your own Reagan or Mitchell family tree, or Spiva, Cockrell, Perot, Washington (all direct descendants of Bascom Andrew Reagan are related to the first president's great-great-grandfather), or Dye branch, look at the surnames along both branches of my own tree.

  The original purpose of this web site was to nail down who my great-great-great-grandfather Reagan  was. I'm 99.9% sure it's William Henry Reagan. He died in Missouri.

  My great-great-grandfather James C. Reagan was born in 1820 in Tennessee, and died in Navarro County, Texas, in 1870 of "dropsy." He married Emily Spiva (Illinois) on Sept. 4, 1844, in Fannin County, Texas. She later died in 1859 while giving birth to her namesake. James and Emily were the parents of William Andrew Reagan (8/30/1845 to 12/18/1932), who was the father of my grandfather, Bascom Andrew Reagan (10/12/1886 to 3/4/1977). He sired my father, Bascom Eugene Reagan (2/12/25 to 3/8/1992).

TOP LEFT: Wylie Andrew Reagan and my father. TOP RIGHT: My mother and I (a few months before I was born).  BOTTOM: Desiree at her great-great-grandfather's grave.